Clueless Inspo

Hat – Daisy Street
Shirt – My Sister’s
Jumper – Mexx (V&V)


Skirt – H&M
Bag – Thrifted
Shoes – Hidden Fashion
It’s starting to feel like Spring with real warmth from the sun that means you may not need a heavy coat and wool jumpers. Instead go for a white shirt and no coat.. oh yes I am totally ready for spring aha, even if the wind is still ice cold. NO PAIN, NO GAIN. AHH. My motto for 90% of the outfits I put together, if its not blistering feet its a layered look that constricts your movement completely or a coat that keeps the cold in rather than the warmth.. but hey its worth it right? So while this motto rang through my head I decided against a coat because it would have covered up my adorable clueless inspired look. I love layering items as you already know so a long shirt, a short jumper and a mini skirt with only the hem showing was a big hit with me and I loved wearing this..however it wasn’t terribly warm so when it gets warmer you will be seeing variations on this look. A LOT. The jumper is actually a little Mexx jumper and I got for £2 at Vintage and Vogue, bargain I know. The skirt and the shirt I’ve had for ages and I think the shirt was actually my eldest sisters.. (look Hilary its still going) so overall a pretty thrifty ensemble. I put on my chunky loafers from Hidden Fashion because they give the perfect 90’s look to top of my Cher impersonation. Along with a cute vintage bag and my fedora from Daisy Street. I am 100% sure Alicia Silverstone would want be friends with me in this outfit.

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