Vintage Blue

Blouse – Vintage Monsoon
Ripped Jeans – Miss Rebel
Lilac Lipstick – Avon
Floppy Hat – Accessorize
Gladiator Sandal Wedges – H&M


Lets say Hello to May in colour. As you can see I’ve embraced this with an array of blues, lilacs and purples. I know you’ve seen me in blues before but I am forever pushing myself to wear more and more colours and why you ask? Well I have some really cool pieces that are colourful and not um.. just black or white. Don’t get me wrong I love my black and white wardrobe, it’s easy and classic but sometimes I just want to have some fun with more hues. Speaking of cool pieces, these sandal wedges are from a collection that H&M did years ago but I rarely wear them. One reason being I hate getting my feet out, seriously it could be the middle of summer and I’d wear boots. However I have grown recently to the idea of sandals (As you may have seen in my last post) so you may see me in more pairs in the near future. Along with the amazing sandals is one of my favorite vintage blouses which is a Monsoon piece. This blouse has so many different patterns and colours it makes me feel so bright and I can’t resist putting it with similar colours just to emphasize the patterns and colours. I put my black ripped jeans with it to neutralize the similar colours and threw on my adorable navy blue floppy hat that I love! Lastly to add even more colour I put on my Lilac lipstick from Avon that again, I bought years ago but the colour is still as good as it used to be. Get colourful with me this summer.. this is just the start of my colourful journey aha!

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