Smooth Stripes

This week is all about my bargain trousers and due to the gorgeous warm weather this week I was able to wear them. I have been looking for VERTICAL stripe trousers everywhere! A lot of online sites had them but they were either skin tight or flares. I just wanted some loose but not overly loose stripey trousers. Then, of all the places, I found some at a car boot sale last week and they are just perfect! They fit me beautifully and for a price of £2, I wouldn’t have cared if they didn’t fit! I am so so happy with these and I wanted to use them in a post so I put on my cute vintage Basler belt and my cut out shoulder navy blue New Look top and was so happy with how it was coming together. I then put on my trusty H&M sandals to make them ankle swingers (coz that’s cool now, yo) and piled on some of my favorite silver jewelry. A truly comfy and carefree outfit for summer if you don’t like getting you’r legs out like me. Perfect.

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