This weeks individual pieces post is all about these gorgeous necklaces I picked up from a vintage shop in Brighton. Both of these pieces are from an independent jewelry company based by the sea in Brighton called 1 Point 618 Designs. They are all about creating luxury bohemian custom jewelry for everyone’s personal style and can easily accommodate every customer with their varied stock. I have to admit I had a whole case of jewelry displayed in front of me and I struggled to pick just one and as you can see.. I didn’t pick just one. I came home with two beautiful, intricate necklaces and knew I had to share this on the blog. The mini stone necklace is a gorgeous piece of clear quartz on a 22ct gold chain and the stone itself signifies harmony, balance and energy. The other is a fools gold tusk with paper inside depicting the words ‘infinite love’ on a silver plated chain. The ‘Fools Gold’ necklace signifies focus, memory and logic. You can get some pieces personalized and it tells you on their website what each necklace or stone signifies. So if you’re looking for a special piece for a friend or loved one this is the place to get it! Visit their website at http://www.1point618designs.com/

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