That ‘Nothing Fits’ Look




This week I’ve had the whole week off work, I know exciting right?. However turns out when you get time off from full time work you have to do all those things you’ve been saying you’re going to do.. like painting. Fun fact, painting is not exciting. So after days of painting the kitchen and the bathroom in my flat with my other half I just felt like laying around and not doing much, so I did just that. This weeks outfit is a slouchy, laying around but needing to look respectable to go food shopping outfit. Mixing plain block colors in muted shades creates a simple outfit but adding in the baggy, over-sized shapes creates a more interesting look that achieves the level of relaxed I was going for without the ‘just rolled out of bed idgaf’ feel it can give. I did this with a simple batwing grey and black jersey top from Urban Outfitters and a slouchy black jersey jumpsuit from Missguided. I added my bug eye shades, grey suede ankle boots and Moschino bag for a touch of class. Lastly I put on this cute formal nude and black jacket from H&M which pulls the look together with it’s structured shoulders and loud print.

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