This weeks individual post is more about someone rather than something, but don’t worry there’s still clothes involved!! Last Saturday I convinced my lovely mother to go to a flea market with me down in Southsea. Although it didn’t take much convincing as my bargain finding qualities come from her so of course she was as excited as I was. However apart from all the lovely vintage clothing at bargain prices there was another reason I wanted to go and that reason is the lovely lady in my photo and I don’t mean me. That lovely lady girls and boys is a real inspiration to me and has been for a while. Helena is her name and she is not only gorgeous but also cool as hell. She is an avid blogger and loves vintage clothes like me but also is the owner of her own online store called Sassy World which will literally rock your world. She stocks it to the brim with amazing vintage pieces hand picked for their sassyness of course and it really is drool worthy. Not only does she run that but shes also a member of the insanely cool and empowering London based group called Confetti Crowd that showcase how independent and creative us woman are and teach us how to embrace it. SEE HOW COOL SHE IS? Anyway enough fan-girling.. I was ecstatic to meet her and was absolutely delighted that I was able to buy a couple of pieces from her so as you can see I created a sassy outfit with my puchases and love that every piece is vintage (apart from the boots obvs) I hope she would be proud!! They say you shouldn’t meet your idols because they won’t be what you hoped but she was everything and more and she even said I looked cool.. I swear I nearly keeled over. This may not be your run of the mill inspiration story but she’s shown me that wearing a lot of colour isn’t as scary as I thought and that vintage clothes will always be a pillar in the world of fashion so embrace it. So go check out Helena’s blog and online store and Confetti Crowd and feel inspired.

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