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This week’s individual pieces post is about skincare and which products I am using at the moment. One of my recent purchases is this little Nip + Fab duo (there is another product which is a mask but I am not keen on face masks as they’re too much faff) which has recently appeared in my local Superdrug store. I have been looking at them for a while unsure whether to get them or not but when I went in to Superdrug the other week there was an offer on them and I do like a bargain so I thought I’d give them a go. Since I started working at a vegetarian & vegan health store however I have become more aware of what is actually in my skincare products and the harmful things that I am putting directly onto my skin so therefore I checked the ingredients carefully. I found that apart from some alcohol forms there wasn’t much I could moan about and the alcohol would be in low levels as it’s generally used to preserve the other ingredients. I tried both products in one sitting as I took my make-up off with cleansing pads and used the serum after but before my moisturizer. Both products smell of  pink grapefruit and feel fresh which is lovely. The cleansing pads are great and almost foam up when you use them which is great as I used my konjac sponge after which was like using a liquid cleanser without the hassle. The serum is lovely and as you can see in the image it comes out as a milky gel which is super lightweight and makes my skin so so soft. Both products are great and simple to use which is amazing because I hate using skincare products that take a billion steps before you can actually put the product on your face! Highly recommend this brand and I can’t wait to try their other ranges.

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