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If you hadn’t noticed I didn’t put up an Outfit Post like I usually would on a Friday so before you start to panic here’s the reason.. ITS CHRISTMAS THIS FRIDAY! (I love Christmas by the way) Obviously I won’t be posting on Christmas day so I’m squeezing my normal outfit posts into this week to make up for the lost time during this fine holiday season. You will however get the normal Monday post after the Christmas weekend which will involve some of the gifts I received so keep an eye out for that.
This week showcases some of my favorite pieces at the moment which are either new or just very loved at this time of year. One item which you may be bored of looking at is my gorgeous fluffy black faux fur jacket that I bought from Ebay like a year and a half ago!! This jacket is my Winter staple if you hadn’t noticed aha. It goes with everything and makes any outfit feel a little bit more catwalk which I love. Next is my beautiful Biba printed blouse that I bought from Southsea Flea Market for a steal at £12. This vintage shirt is my life at the moment and I am so happy to own something that’s Biba!! Lastly, and my most recent purchase, are these amazing indigo blue waxed jeans that I bought from a Charity shop brand new for £8. They are from M&S originally and I love the look of waxed jeans and was so happy to find they were blue rather than black because you don’t see many blue pairs. I love this outfit and the colours that are in the shirt means you could accessorize with anything from yellow to deep purple which makes it much more fun. That’s it for now but I’ll see you on Christmas eve for some festive dressing.

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