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I have returned to the blog after a short break. If you hadn’t noticed I missed two posts last week and that was because I was in this lovely place for a weekend spending time with family from a far. My family and I do this trip to Okehampton in Devon every other year and look foward to it like you would any holiday but ours involves crafts not beaches. The Hotel is called The Manor House Hotel and houses a range of activities to do while you stay there from crafts to sport and most recently a spa. These are just a few of the photos from hundreds that were taken but they give an insight into the things I took part in. As you can see I did archery (which I was rubbish at) as well as pottery transfers and glass engraving. It is by far one of the most random but fun hotels I’ve ever stayed at and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. With me back to normality now posts will of course be as normal so stay tuned for Fridays outfit post!!

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