5 Reasons To Thrift


This, ladies and gentlemen, is my first post where all the content is written so try not to fall asleep.
First off, I am fully aware that ‘thrift’ is an American term that isn’t widely used in the UK however  it’s a lot quicker than writing ‘buying second hand’ twenty times so .. deal with it.
Most of us now days are familiar with thrifting and take part in it on a regular basis but even now I am shocked when I come across people that refer to it as ‘disgusting’ or ‘cheap’. To me, this reaction shows a complete misunderstanding of what thrifting is and how it can benefit you and others in so many ways! So to all the people who just don’t get it I am going to educate you.
1.                                        First and foremost, IT’S FUN!
Believe it or not but this form of shopping is by far the most interesting and I have many people to back me up on that fact! You can explore new places that aren’t on the high street (I know this shocked me too) this means small businesses, charity shops, car boot sales, jumble sales and all the places you would probably normally cringe at. This is also a great way to do something fun with friends and family and spend time doing something a little bit different while still getting your retail therapy fix.
2.                                   I’ts Generally for a Good Cause
Whether you are buying from a car boot sale or a independent business you are putting your money into something that really matters! You’re not just funding a CEO’s 11th  Caribbean holiday you might be paying for a child’s piano lesson or just helping the sellers cover their fees. Whatever it may be you can be confident that your money isn’t being put in to corporate company’s and that’s enough to make me feel good about my purchases. The other option is charity shops and if you’re like me and don’t always have cash to put in charity pots as you walk past Waitrose just start to shop in a local charity shop and you can donate money to them by finding a cool skirt you love.
3.                                                   The Variety
You will never see the same thing twice when you start thrifting (apart from basic black and white tee’s of course)  which adds to the fun for me personally. I love finding unique pieces that I’ve never seen before and it excites me because I know it’s not selling in Topshop or River Island at the moment so no one else will be wearing it! I have bought vintage and retro items from charity shops and brand new high quality items at car boot sales. Honestly, you never know what you will find until you give it a try!
4.                                          The Value for Money
Cheap. That’s the first word that comes to most peoples mind when you talk about buying second hand and we’re not talking just about value.. oh no we’re talking about the quality as well. This is were the debates get heated! Yes.. someone else has worn it but maybe only once and if you are so concerned with hygiene.. well I suggest you consult your washing machine because that’s sort of it’s job. Regarding the monetary side of thrifting, not everything is cheap and if you go in with that mindset you’ll be blown away by just how much people will charge. Second hand designer items for example are bargains for what they are but still not affordable. Generally you’ll find good quality items at good prices it’s all about where you look.
5.     Last but definitely not least… Learning about the importance of                                                          recycling!!!
This is by far the most important part about thrifting to me and should be to everyone who has an appreciation for fashion and style. The vicious circle that is ‘Fast-Fashion’ is bigger than ever and 95% of our old clothes that we throw away are being chucked into landfills and lot’s of these materials don’t decompose for years. Those years that you’re old prom dress or favorite winter coat are stuck underground they could’ve been putting smiles on other peoples faces and being a part of peoples memories. To me, making clothes or styles live longer is what fashion is all about so drop your old clothes off at a charity shop, sell them a car boot sale or privately. There is no excuse to throw away your clothes now with so many options in front of you.
If this post has done anything I hope it’s made you a little more open minded when it comes to thrifting because one more person deciding to buy second hand and recycle their old clothes makes such a difference.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. hilary anderson April 11, 2016

    Clever, informative, witty and funny! I love when you say about having your prom dress or winter coat being underground for years….really made me think about how sad that would be!
    I will recycle my clothes and try my hand at thrifting! ☺️ Don't think I'll look as cool as you though Xxxx

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