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As World Recycle Week is coming to an end I thought I’d finish it off with a completely recycled look for my outfit post this week. Believe it or not this whole outfit from head to toe is second hand. Each of these items I have acquired/purchased in different ways which is why there’s so much variety in this one look. First things first… THE KILLER BOMBER JACKET! I bought this jacket last year in Brighton at a vintage shop and was overjoyed because it’s the most gorgeous printed bomber I’ve ever seen and it’s also silk which makes it even more amazing. I must admit though, I do feel like a cast member from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in it but if it’s good enough for Will Smith it’s good enough for me! Next is this beautiful white long sheer top that I bought at a car boot and am in love with so get ready to see this a lot in the Summer. The blue waxed jeans I bought new from a Charity shop and the Sunglasses I purchased from a lovely girl on Depop. Lastly, the white strappy boots were given to me by my boyfriends mum. From this one post you now have 5 ways to shop that can help close the loop of fast fashion and get you unique items to fall in love with.
If you like my looks every week and wonder how I find these things, now you know!
P.S   I hope some of you took part in H&M’s World Recycle Week scheme and helped them reach their goals! Leave a comment and let me know if you have and if it changed your views on fast fashion.

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