H&M World Recycle Week

Just a few of the items I’ve either grown out of /don’t wear anymore that I took to H&M to recycle.


The benefits of recycling your old clothes with H&M.
This weeks posts are going to be based around H&M’s World Recycle Week which is going on this week so if you’re not already behind it I am going to convince you (if M.I.A’s music video didn’t). Looking back at my posts you may notice I post about H&M quite a bit but it’s because they’ve always been and still are my favorite high street shop. Not only have they always made high quality items at affordable prices but now they are presently at the forefront of the sustainable fashion campaign which, as loyal customer and recycle warrior myself, makes me immensely happy for them. They first started their recycling initiative in 2013 and since have collected 25,000 tons of unwanted clothing that’s all been recycled in different ways and now they have stepped it up and made a target of 1,000 tons in just one week and I believe they’ll do it!!
As you can see above I went through my wardrobe (and my floordrobe of course) and found some unwanted items that I packed up in a canvas bag and made the 30 minute trip to my local H&M store. The woman behind the counter looked delighted when she saw my bag and I saw a few more people with bags coming up to the counter as I was stood there. As I walked away with my vouchers in hand I was overwhelmed by the strides this wonderful Swedish company has taken to become a more sustainable fashion retailer and I am proud to be a H&M customer!
For more information about H&M’s World Recycle Week visit their website or click the link below;

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