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This weeks look is clearly all about matching my garage door. I promise this is just a coincidence. Apart from the matching blues, this week is a real mix of items with vintage style sunglasses, street style bottom half and a relaxed top half. Most of these items would be used as single statement pieces for normal people but no.. I throw them all together for fun! The top, that I bought at (you guessed it) a charity shop, was the basis for this look as it’s got all of the colours I adore at the moment in one!! The blue inspired the choker from La Moda and the Nike trainers and the orange chose the colour lipstick I was going to wear. It’s funny how one piece of clothing can dictate the rest of your outfit! I threw on my black jeans and a slouchy black tasseled jumper and was done. It was so easy because as soon as I decided to wear this top the rest of the outfit just fell into place.

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