The Perfect Basic


This week I’m going back to basics.. well my personal basics. Every man and woman will have a pile of basic pieces of clothing they deem essential, which is generally plain tops and trousers. Another basic you can have is a shirt and for women it’s generally a staple white shirt for summer then black for winter and I assume that men are the same. The shirt is my favorite, as you can see above, but mine happens to be a mans shirt and it’s not completely plain (wheres the fun in it being plain?!). It’s a favorite because as it’s a mans shirt it’s super oversized on me which makes it comfy as hell and it’s also a jersey material rather than a cotton or polyester. As you can see it’s perfect for throwing over some simple lingerie for around the house and if you’re going out just button up and you’re good to go. Also using basic clothing means you can go all out on the accessories and mine is a statement necklace if I’ve ever seen one. The look and comfort a men’s shirt (plain or not) will give you is unreal so invest right now!

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