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This week’s individual pieces are actually brand new believe it or not!! They were not bought at a charity shop or a car boot sale but in a high street shop but don’t fret .. they are still bargain prices because that’s just how I roll.
I know it doesn’t seem like much but spending £15 on clothes is quite a lot for me considering I buy most of my items of clothing at £1 a piece, however this is still a bargain to me! I saw the trainers first and fell in love with everything about them from the patent panels to the double sole and for £10 I couldn’t say no. Then I saw the top and instantly envisaged an epic outfit using both items in a street style way and of course I’m obsessed with yellow (if you hadn’t noticed) so I adore the yellow panels on the sides. Even though I don’t shop the high street regularly every time I shop in H&M I find pieces that I love in their amazing sales or just around the shop. It’s always a successful shop when you visit H&M and that is why they’re my favorite high street shop! Check the blog this Friday to see an outfit post using both pieces.

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