How I Style Colours

This week I am delving into the way I style again and this time we’re talking about colours. Not just colours in general but how to find your best ones and why I wear the ones I do.
There are many ways to find out which colours look best with your skin tone and features, the first and foremost being trial and error. This is probably the best way for most people but some just can’t work it out by looking in the mirror so would prefer a second opinion. This is where specialist stylists come in and get you to try on lot’s of different colours and compare your skin tone with each and create a list of do’s and don’ts. This can be expensive and sometimes downright unnecessary as at the end of the day you can wear whatever colours you like.
You can also complete quizzes and questionnaires online to get an idea of what should suit you. This (surprise surprise) is not always very accurate. They’re often done on fashion media sites like Cosmo or Look and can’t possibly have every skin tone on file as everyone has quirks and things that make them different. Don’t get me wrong these sites will give you an idea of where to start but don’t take everything to heart for example if your favorite colour is green and it tells you to burn everything green you own ..don’t do it!
I personally have never had my colours done and have done it the same way as most people by trying to see if it works. As you’ve seen I am very pale skinned with very dark hair and I guarantee if I got my colours done they would tell me avoid yellow because it can make pale people look ill but I adore the way it looks and the way it highlights the stark difference between my skin and my hair.  Obviously there are some colours even I avoid because they don’t suit me like pink.. unfortunately I just can’t rock it but I’m okay with that because it means I can have fun with every other colour in the rainbow.
In short, don’t disregard some colours because someone has told you it doesn’t suit you or they don’t like it because if you like it that just means you can see much deeper that just how it looks against you’re skin but how it also compliments aspects of you’re style and expresses your personality.

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