Topshop Lip Varnish


This week’s individual piece’s post is about lipstick that I adore. If you didn’t already know I love lipstick, especially if the colours are really vivid which as you can see these are! I bought these particular lipsticks ages ago when I popped into Topshop randomly and they were £2 each and were just kinda chucked in a sale basket completely ignored so I had to get them! I have a feeling Topshop don’t even do them anymore which is very saddening because they are gorgeous. As you can see I bought a coral orange colour and a violet purple colour and they go on like a gloss but I’m rubbish with gloss lipsticks so I use a tiny lip bush to thin out the colour and to get it on neatly. Even by using the lip brush the colour is still really clear and just as deep and vivid. Just by using (and loving) these lip varnishes I have way more faith in Topshop’s lipsticks and even if they don’t sell these anymore I’d be happy to buy others from them.

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