My final project photo shoot at college! It was Mary Quant inspired so a lot of PVC. It may look like bin bags now but it was my pride and joy at the time.


My final exhibition for my college project.


This is one of the first ever blog posts I put up as an Outfit of The Week.
If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been blogging for a while now and I recently got to 100 posts so I thought I’d share my personal journey with you to celebrate this milestone. As you can see above I dabbled in fashion at college, well studied it actually. I went into an Art & Design Level 3 BTEC course that was specialist in Fashion & Clothing and was ecstatic at the thought of what was to come. I then spent 2 years struggling to find my passion in fashion (awful saying I know but bear with me) with little to no guidance. I knew I wasn’t made to go into design because it stressed me out too much and the textile side of things intrigued me but was too much writing and not enough playing with fabric. It was probably in the last term of the last year that I found blogging and it amazed me. I was following other bloggers on social media and was always inspired by their independence and creativity and that’s what drew me to it I think. The comfort of being able to post about what interested me and not working to impress a lecturer made it fun and something different. It was then that I started to rope my lovely and patient boyfriend into taking pictures of me in my favorite outfits and post them up online for the world to see. I was, and still am to a point, a complete novice at blogging and digitizing fashion but I learn something new everyday so I’m always progressing in my eyes. The feedback and just the thought of someone halfway across the globe liking my top or commending my choice of colours is what kept me doing it and it still does today. I work full time in a job that’s not necessarily my calling in life but then I get to come home and, I hope, inspire someone. Thank you to everyone who views my posts, whether you’re being nosey or you genuinely like my fashion sense, you are also helping me progress everyday!!

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