The Importance of Wardrobe Organization

If falling in love with fashion has taught me anything it’s the importance of being organized. I don’t mean obsessively organized but to a level that keeps you calm when planning an outfit. I am unfortunately not exempt from the 5 minute meltdown us women can have when we can’t find anything to wear but I got to that point so many times I decided that I had to do something about it!
When it comes to sorting your wardrobe don’t just pull everything out and hang it up in the same place or an even more random order (however neat it may look it won’t work). You need to comb through every piece and sort in to piles of ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’. Every ‘Yes’ item you have hang it with another piece of ‘Yes’ clothing and plan out a few killer outfits whether they’re ones you’ve just stumbled upon or you’ve worn before and adored you’ve just given yourself instant outfits ready to wear. The ‘No’ pile should all be given to charity or given out to friends and family. Don’t argue with yourself over it.. it’s in the ‘No’ pile for a reason. Get rid. Lastly the ‘Maybe’ pile should all be tried on and double checked that they fit and you’ll still wear them. If you’re being really ruthless most of that pile will be going elsewhere but the rest is there to be hung up and ready to be part of a gorgeous outfit. Ideally this process should be done at least every 6 months so you keep a relevant and up to date collection that’s always wearable.
You can then organize your wardrobe in anyway you like. Whether you like it colour coded or in specific garment blocks just ensure it’s always accessible and makes getting dressed a stress free task. This means every time you go back to your wardrobe you have ready to wear options that make life so much easier as well as individual pieces just waiting to be paired up and loved.
Last but not least I want to stress the fact that anything you don’t want anymore you can give to charity and make someone else’s day! Someone always needs your old clothes more than a landfill does.

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