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This week I’m celebrating the fact I’ve finally expanded my sunglasses collection. I was living with one pair for a long time and didn’t really feel the need to buy more however bargain hunting with my beloved mother means I am slowly acquiring slightly odd pairs. The best part about getting sunglasses second hand means they’re just random styles from random times which makes it way more fun! Three out of the four pairs have all been bought at car boot sales or charity shops and the fourth was bought off Depop. I have loved exploring the different styles and shapes I can work as well as trying out some new ones with some colour because as you can see I really like black sunglasses. I think I am happy with having a collection of four and rotating them as I see fit (not sure I could cope with anymore!). I may be a fair few pairs behind everyone else but for me a few pairs that are different and interesting is better than having 20 pairs of identical ones. Last but not least I thought I’d let you know how much my collection cost to show you that you don’t have spend a lot to get your perfect pair. For all four pairs I paid a total of £9.88… inspired to shop second hand yet?

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