My Autumn Must Haves


First things first, I am not wishing the summer weather away by introducing my Autumn wear, I am simply being organized. However with lessening warmth and fewer sunny hours I can’t deny it’s starting to feel like Autumn is already upon us.
Due to this fact I decided to show you my must haves for the season ahead and it all starts with knitwear. Yes, the shops have already swapped to the A/W stock and it’s knitwear galore at the moment which is great!! I am a big lover of knitwear and the many different textures that can create interesting looks but today I’m talking about the most basic knitwear you can own… the roll neck jumper. As you can see above mine is a standard style in a pale grey but it’s key to have a thin knit one and thick knit for differing weather and looks. To start the season I go for thin knits because they’re great for layering and that’s perfect for the transition period from Summer to Autumn.
The next items are my beloved beanies and everyone should own at least one (I have a few different ones). There’s so many styles to choose from now days and they’re great because well, they’re warm.
Last but not least are my favorite parts which go together so well and that’s the leather jacket, boot’s and lippy combo. The leather jacket aspect of this combo is pretty self explanatory but if you don’t have one, get one. The boots are equally as predictable but getting a good pair is vital and ones you know you’ll love for the whole season, I know I’ll love this pair whatever the season. The lipstick is slightly less vital but if you’re a lover of them like me it’s fun to match you’re lip colour to the pivotal moments of the changing season like the leaves turning orange (hence the colour I’ve chosen above) or dark purples when the days are getting grayer. Apologies for the essay but as you can tell I’m super excited for Autumn as it’s probably my favorite season of the year. Bring it on I say.

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