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This weeks outfit post is all about details. Simple detailing is key to any outfit and it’s all about the little things that you’re probably already doing like colour matching (or clashing) your nail polish, wearing bright socks or simply rolling up the hems on your jeans. These are things we do each day without realizing but we know they’re key to our look.
As you can see I’ve gone for really plain pieces this week with block colours and no patterns but this is all to accentuate the little things I’ve done to create this look. I adore these blue jeans and wanted aspects out my outfit to compliment them so I went for a super comfy oversized white shirt and undid one more button than usual to let my gorgeous Topshop bra just peek through. The pale greeny/blue colour of the bra emphasizes the blue tones without being too in your face. This style is everywhere at the moment with brief peeks of a colourful bra strap or lace trim and I love it! It lets you show off how gorgeous and decadent your lingerie is but in a thought out and classy way.
I then layered up some necklaces so they fell into deepening rows across my chest and down to to my bra to fill a blank space of bare skin that would’ve drawn attention and last but not least I put on some soft pink lipstick to reflect the pink pastels on the bra. A simple look made interesting by simple details.

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