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This week I thought I’d share with you my most recent (and best) bargains. Each of these pieces have been purchased from completely different places which highlights the beauty of being open minded enough to look outside the high street.

To start I want to tell you the combined price of these items so you can tut in disbelief and read on further to see how it breaks down. I paid, in total, £9.
The first item I purchased was the jumper. I bought this jumper from a website called Everything5pounds. com and I’ll put a link at the bottom but it’s pretty much just a budget website with random styles and trends that are all £5 each (if you couldn’t tell). You do find yourself searching through multiple pages to find that perfect piece but if you don’t mind rummaging like me then you’re fine. This is actually a Men’s jumper but I adored the colour combination so much I just got it in a small size. The next amazing purchase were these Boots. I picked these up at a car boot sale and was so delighted because I’ve wanted to try this style of boot but didn’t want to spend £40 on them and hate them. Luckily the woman didn’t know that this style of boot was still insanely popular (even if these are last years sole style) and instead of selling them online she sold them to me for a mere £2. Yep… £1 a boot. Madness I know. Last but not least I picked up these amazingly cute pom pom earrings in purple and white, specifically to match my jumper. I found these very unexpectedly in my local Poundland. So you can guess that I ended up paying £1 a pair and I have had so many compliments on them already! They also had them in Grey, black and Neon Pink so I suggest you go and get yourself some because they are brilliant.
So if all that doesn’t make you want to shop somewhere other than River Island or Topshop I don’t what will.

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