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This week’s look echos one key style of the 80’s. Over sized, waterproof, multi-coloured, ski-like jackets! I am aware that this was not one of the best things to come out of 80’s style but I am digging it right now. I picked up this killer jacket at a car boot sale recently for £2… I know right. Madness. It’s fully waterproof in a breathable Gortex material and totally practical which is weird for me as I usually pick the most unpractical of garments. I decided to pair this gorgeous jacket with equally cool pieces so of course my blue waxed jeans came out and I was astonished at how well they went together and it was as if they we’re meant to be put along side eachother. To add some more pattern in to the mix I wore my Zara bandanna printed t-shirt which brings out the white parts in the jacket. Lastly, to emphasize the colours in the jacket further I put on my bright blue choker from La Moda and then bright pink lipstick that I made two tone by combining pink and lilac lipsticks. This look is not only colourful and fun but also super practical. So the lesson here is to always relive the worst styles of era’s gone because they make killer outfits nowadays! (just not shell suits, they’re just a straight up hazard).
Choker – LaModa, Tee – Zara, Jacket – Car Boot Sale, Jeans – Charity Shop

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