Winter Sunshine

This week’s outfit post is about easy, comfy looks that are still interesting. I’m not saying that easy looks aren’t interesting, I am simply giving you a simple way to spice up you’re Winter comfort clothes.

As you can see my shirt is rather bright and bold. That’s the key. Simple right? I’m not saying that pairing you’re brightest item of clothing with all black is going to work (although colour blocking will always be stylish) but it’s close. Working with multiple patterns and colours in one piece of clothing creates an interesting dynamic as that piece will be the focus of the look. You can then branch out from that one piece and colour match or clash with accessories and make up. This not only makes a look more fun but also gives you a varied colour palette to work with.
For instance I’ve matched up the mustard tones in the shirt with my cute new beanie from Primark that also has some brown in the bobble. I then put on my favourite Lime Crime lipstick on called Squash. I know what you’re thinking… there’s no orange in the shirt. This is true but all of the colours are working together to create an overall almost earthy tone for this piece that compliments orange hues. Lastly I decided to double up on patterns with my rainbow striped slip on’s that have similar colours but in paler shades.
These looks work because you haven’t got a statement piece per say but you have multiple intertwining focus points. The starting point doesn’t have to be an abstract style like mine as this process can work with geometric styles as well as some colourful stripes or florals just make sure you have fun with it. So it’s about time you found yourself a crazy shirt, I recommend the charity shops!
Jacket – Tkmaxx, Jeans – H&M, Shoes – Schuh, Shirt – Southsea Flea Market, Beanie – Primark, Lipstick – Lime Crime

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