Baby I’m Back

Yes. I know. It’s been like half a year…what can I say, I was busy. No obviously that’s not what was going on but I suppose that’s one reason. Truthfully I lost motivation with the blog and everything it encompassed e.g the constant social media presence and feeling like I always had to look perfect. I think this happens to most people who try and make something of themselves on the internet but I personally felt like I needed a break from it all as it got to the point where outfit posts ruled my life. I could give you a list of all the problems I’ve had that prevented me from restarting the blog sooner but no one likes a sob story and i’m just not that kind of gal. However, on the brighter side of things that long break gave me a chance to book holidays, acquire lots of new clothes and get the other side of my nose pierced so not all bad. ANYWAY… I’m back and have returned with orange hair that I ADORE!! Hopefully you do too. Also the blogs had a bit of an update, hopefully you like that too, where the images are the at the forefront of the blog and so they should be if it’s all about clothes you should be able to view them perfectly.

I know I’m probably the worst blogger in the world but if you still follow along and stick with me regardless then welcome back and stay tuned as I’ve got lots of new things coming.

Thanks x P x


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  1. Gail June 13, 2017

    You go, girl 😊

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