Wardrobe Update


As it’s been a fairly long time I think a little update on my clothing purchases is long overdue so here’s a few things I’ve collected recently that I love.

My aim to avoid dark colours is going pretty well as you can tell but the surprising part for me is that I bought something very, very pink. I don’t know what possessed me to buy this top but I knew I had to have it in my collection. I also bought my first Hawaiian style shirt and that’s definitely a favorite in my wardrobe at the moment. Lastly I got this gorgeously gothic corset style top which honestly looks awesome on it’s own or over the top of something.

When it comes to bottoms I’d usually always go for colours and styles that are easy to pair with something but it seems I’ve gone for some earthy tones that I’ve never styled before which is fun and challenging. I’ve never owned any form of brown/tan or sand before so these H&M trousers are pretty out there for me. The skirt is a gorgeous shiny green with a super structured style to it that I love and it’s super flattering.

In summary, I’m always trying new colours, styles and textures and I’d encourage everyone to do the same because well… it’s fun. Also only 1 out of these 5 items was bought new and the rest were pennies at charity shops and car boot sales. Look out for these in upcoming outfit posts to see how I style them.


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