Where It All Began

A few weeks ago I restarted this blog and am once again pouring my free time and effort into it and that’s all because I became inspired once again by going back to where it all began for me.

I started working here when I was 17 to gain some work experience and it took off from there and all thanks to one Woman who was willing to take on a teenager and teach them something you don’t get taught in school and that’s how to appreciate everything that’s come before you.

I am lucky enough to still be good friends with the owner and creator of Vintage & Vogue Boutique, Morya White and was able to do an interview with her for the blog.

When talking to Moyra about her past and her motive to start up the shop she explained, ‘I’ve always worn clothes that were different and with the lack of second hand shops at the time I shopped in quirky boutiques that usually used up all my wages. When I was done with the items I’d bought I’d take them into the office I worked in and give them out for free’. She said when she had to the opportunity to set up her own shop by purchasing another shops stock in a job lot she took it and it was there that Morya’s shop was born. 

What interested me most was how she kept motivated as I’d lost my motivation with the blog at the time to which she replied, ‘The research!! I love diving into a pieces history or listening to it first hand from the original owner. It’s something you just don’t get from the High Street’. 

I personally think that having the shop itself is the best part about her business but she had a different view on what exactly was the best part, ‘Everyday is a new adventure in this shop and no two days are the same. The excitement of the unknown as to what’s going to come through the door next and of course styling customers to make them feel great in vintage clothes’.

Lastly I asked her how she hopes her customers feel when they enter her shop for the first time and her reply is exactly what I feel each time I walk in even after all these years, ‘Excitement! People often refer to the back room as Aladdin’s Cave and can’t wait to rummage through to find the hidden gems. Not only is it a fun experience but it’s lovely to see my customers reminisce about their own history by looking through my collection. 

She inspired me so much over the years and working with her has led me to this point in my life where I appreciate fashion in a whole new way. I would like to thank Moyra for taking time out of her day to talk to me and of course recommend you visit her shop as soon as you can to experience everything above and more.

Facebook – @vintageandvogueboutiquepetersfield

Address – 51 Chapel Street, GU32 3DY, Petersfield 

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