My Copenhagen Trip

As you may know I recently visited Copenhagen for my 21st Birthday with my twin sister. This post is just showing you a little bit about what we got up to.


Obviously we were complete tourists and saw all of the important attractions like The Zoo for example, which was pretty awesome, and also visited Copenhagen’s humongous Street Food Market on the bay. However, my sister and I aren’t exactly history buffs so the effect of The Little Mermaid statue was a bit lost on us but it was still great to see. We also visited Tivoli Gardens which was like a fairytale land with beautifully structured buildings and gardens that gave it an ethereal feel.

I honestly can’t say a bad word about Copenhagen as a holiday destination. Everyone we spoke to was super friendly and they had delicious and varied street food, which we pretty much lived off the entire trip, as well as beautiful surroundings. It has the best and most relaxed atmosphere with an equally enjoyable nightlife scene and I would recommend it in a heartbeat as a city break.

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