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Last week my sisters and I took an impromptu trip to London for the day! Mostly because we’d eaten lunch in every place possible where we live but also because we love exploring. One place I knew I wanted to visit was, of course, Rokit Vintage. Walking through the doors of the stores we visited (three out of the four Rokit stores in London) was exhilarating with rail after rail of unique one offs. Even if I hadn’t of bought anything it would’ve been worth it however it was my lucky day and I walked away with some gems.

As you can see one of the gems I came away with and by far my favourite is this gorgeous handbag. I know that to the average eye it may look like a plain leather bag but it’s so much more than that.

This bag is handmade in the Rokit warehouse with 100% recycled leather… ITS AHmazing. These bags come with a lifetime guarantee so if something breaks I simply have to visit the store and they’ll fix it for me! The front is real leather made from old handbags or other leather items that have been discarded and the reverse is real suede so it feels luxurious and high quality. I adore everything about this store from their stock to their values and it will not be the last time I visit that’s for sure!! They also have an online store so go check it out.

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