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This week I’ve been prepping my autumn/winter wardrobe, which is by far my favourite season for fashion. There’s so much versatility in winter wear from loads of fun layers to statement coats and accessories.

When I was sorting through all of my A/W pieces I noticed this super cute, almost tinsel like, jumper and thought it needed sassing up a bit. Don’t get me wrong I do love the jumper on it’s own but it just feels way too festive for casual wear so I wanted to more wearable and that’s where this old skirt came in handy.

I love the frill on the bottom of the skirt and oddly enough the colours seemed to really complement each other when put together so I decided to mix the pieces I liked and create a garment that I’d love. 10 mintues later, with the help of an overlocker, this beauty was born.

I love it and I can’t believe how simple it was to create. I’m now on a mission to upcycle anything I’m not 100% feeling and create a wardrobe I’m proud of. Stay tuned this week to see how I styled this baby.

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