Baby, it’s cold outside


It’s December which means it’s nearly Christmas (that means my title is acceptable now) however this time of year brings some pretty chilly weather. Winter also brings about some dark days which makes outfit posts super hard so apologies if the looks are a bit gloomy… blame the winter. On the plus side, this cold snap means my heavy, cozy layers are out in full force as you can see above. This weeks look includes another one of my bargains from Singapore as well as my favourite winter coat that I got for Christmas a few years back by Steve Madden.

I’m also wearing my favourite Winter accessory which is of course a beanie hat. I don’t know why I have such a love for them, maybe because they keep my ears warm I’m not sure, but I can’t live without them. This week I’m rocking a white beanie that I bought at a car boot sale that I absolutely adore. To finish the look I threw on my pointy witch boots from New Look.

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