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When I think of eco-friendly or sustainable accessories my mind instinctively gravitates toward dainty metal pieces that use artisan techniques with an eco-friendly production process.  This specific type of eco accessory tends to carry a hefty price tag and so it should, for the work that goes into a transparent production chain, but it’s not affordable.  Not only that but not everyone likes dainty and understated. One company that I’ve come across that has really changed my outlook on this is Australian based accessory brand Doodad and Fandango.


The brand is owned by the extremely cool and multi talented Nikita Margarita who not only runs the business but is also the designer and producer of all the pieces. Each piece is meticulously produced in Sydney with the planet in mind at all times using recycled materials as well as locally produced materials to cut outsourcing. In other words this company is super cool and super caring, what more could you want?



As you can see from the images her work is crazy colourful and fun which is all inspired through a love of pop art and wearable art and craft. Nikita also encourages her customers to get creative with the option to buy custom pieces which just adds to the fun and opens up the already broad range of designs. There is a plethora of accessories to  look through with earrings, necklaces and even some branded T-shirts.




Illuminati-White-157x157 Doodad


If the designs haven’t convinced you enough to check out their site I don’t what will because they’re all beautiful and I often find myself drooling over them. These are on my Christmas list this year so hopefully I’ll be the proud owner of a pair but if not I will definitely be purchasing and with their afterpay option there’s no reason to say no. Check out their website below and make sure you check out their amazing Instagram feed that’s full of images of these designs being worn.

*All images courtesy of Doodad and Fandango. This is not a paid post. I am simply sharing my personal opinion to help others make informed decisions.

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