Evolving Style: A Look Back


There can be a lot of downsides to being a fashion blogger, putting yourself out there for everyone to see scared me the most at the start, however there are lots of upsides which can be satisfying and rewarding. Obviously having people that support and enjoy my content is the highlight for me but another highlight is getting to see my own style evolve and solidify before my eyes.

These three outfit posts have been featured on the blog through the past year and it’s amazing to me to see how confident I’ve become in my fashion choices and my ethical choices by buying mostly second hand. This in itself is such a sense of achievement because I finally feel happy that I’m individual as well no longer second guessing myself because of what others may think and that’s empowering.


Looking back at these three posts makes me realise that separates has and I think always will be my go to for any look. The versatility of separates holds so much excitement for me with so many opportunities to create a stand out look and the effect of well balanced single pieces is often underestimated these days.

My love for patterns and clashing them (or coordinating them) is also a running theme throughout these throwback posts with multiple types being showcased. My personal experience with wearing patterns is to always have fun and that’s exactly what I do every time I plan an outfit. Similarly, colour is another thing that has evolved with me during my time blogging with brighter pieces being chosen and less time wondering if things actually work and just wearing what makes me feel good.


I’ve always wanted to look slightly different to the crowd and ever since I stopped focusing on whats on trend and what’s “now” I’ve become so much happier within myself and my own personal style. It means so much more now when people tell me they like my look and makes me even more motivated to showcase my style. If nothing else I hope it just gives other people the nudge they need to stop shopping in the toxic world of fast fashion and find their personal style.

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