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I’ve come to the conclusion recently that layering is just my jam. It’s ma thang, my forte. With this in mind I went ahead and layered up some more gorgeous thrifted pieces. This week I decided to layer up two thin jackets to create a multi-dimensional look with simplistic lines. In reality this look emulates the lines of a high neck top with a round neck jacket which is always flattering but my ‘top’ in this scenario just happens to be a waterproof golf jacket.

I wore this jacket recently and conventionally in a recent outfit post and loved it but due to the material being so thin I thought it would work underneath another jacket without being too bulky. The blue jacket was also bought at a car boot sale for pennies. I love the futuristic feel of the cut with these round shoulders and mesh mix which is just the polar opposite to my Tommy Hilfiger bargain jacket. The mix of materials and combination of these colours is what I think makes it work.

I wore a simple white long sleeve top as a base layer and paired the jackets with plain black jeans, bright blue Nike Blazers and a pop of pink lipstick to tie the look together.

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