January always sucks. No matter how well your year starts it’s just a gross month with gross weather (if you’re in England anyway). However, January for me so far has been all about learning and planning for the year ahead and another year of blogging. I’m starting with continually educating myself and taking meaningful action. My first step was to purchase this amazing Fanzine/book all about clothing waste and reducing it step by step. Not only is it chock full of amazing articles with beautiful artwork but it has every statistic I needed to shock me and push me further away from fast fashion.



I haven’t even finished this magazine yet but I’ve already learn’t so much that I was completely unaware of. As well as being full of useful information it’s also printed on recycled paper so you don’t have to feel guilty for keeping a paper copy. All I can do is thank the amazing nonprofit organisation, Fashion Revolution, that create these for opening my eyes even more to the world around me. I will put a link below to their site so you have a chance to purchase one too and give your money to a movement that’s helping everyone grow and become less wasteful.

Next step was meaningful action and I decided that my action was to buy more carefully (for my last purchase of new clothes) so with a gift card given to me for Christmas I bought the most environmentally friendly pieces I could.



Both of these basics, from the H&M Conscious range, are about 80-90% organic cotton meaning they are not only good quality but this also means that recycling the material is a lot easier and far more beneficial as its mostly natural fibres. My main goal this year is to not buy into fast fashion and when companies like H&M can ensure natural fibres as well as a fair wage and working conditions for those who produce these pieces that aim becomes more reachable than ever. Stay tuned to the blog to see what I’m up to this year to reduce my waste bit by bit as this is just the start for me.

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