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When styling Vintage it’s very easy to get caught up in one specific era and emanate that throughout the whole look but modernising the look is infinitely more fun. As you can see in this weeks look I am doing just that with my beautiful Vintage jacket.

Modernising a look doesn’t necessarily mean using pieces that are ‘on trend’ right now but more about using techniques and designs that are. For instance I’ve decided to layer a black roll neck and a retro M&S stripe top that has a very similar sleeve style.  The layered puff sleeves have been popular ever since the knitwear came in for A/W 2017 but I didn’t buy into this trend instead I created it with pieces I already own. Similarly, wet look jeans and trousers are always popular around A/W as it is a classic trend that really hasn’t dwindled over the years.

Lastly, pairing this jacket with a slick back pony and trainers gives it a casual, everyday feel. You can buy the most wonderful vintage piece but you need to be able to work it easily into everyday looks otherwise it’ll just gather dust because there’s never the ‘right occasion’.

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