DIY Underwear

 Nowadays there is a multitude of ‘how to’ videos and DIY tips and tricks on the internet so I’m always on the look out for an easy way to create something for myself.

One thing I never thought I would do myself is make underwear. Not because I’m adamant about buying them branded or spangly but mostly because I thought it would be really complex and I’m not THAT skilled on a machine.

TURNS OUT… it’s really easy.

After watching an unhealthy amount of DIY videos on youtube I finally stumbled across one that actually made it seem super simple. I decided to follow it to see what I could come up with. The pattern was traced from a pair of underwear I already own so I knew that fit wouldn’t be a problem. The fabric I chose is a T-shirt I already had that I wasn’t too keen on anymore but loved the print so I couldn’t think of a better use. While I did have to buy the elastic lace I didn’t need to spend anything on fabric as it was re purposed. Environmental brownie points for me.

After a few momentary breakdowns and calling my machine every name under the sun the pants were finished! Even though the first pair took a toll, now I know how to execute them properly, I think I could do it over and over and hopefully make them a bit more polished. Get ready for more is all I can say as the whole learning curve was so much fun and knowing I can make them with 90% recycled materials is empowering. I will link the video that helped me through this little experiment below and hopefully someone else will be inspired to do something by themselves for themselves.


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