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One trend that is taking the fashion world by storm at the moment is two piece suits, specifically trousers suits. As you can see this week I’m channelling this trend but without buying anything new of course.

Like most people the pieces that co-ordinate the easiest for me are plain black garments. So I put a pair of loose black trousers that I bought at a car boot sale with a blazer I bought at H&M about 5 years ago. This was my two piece suit done for a total of nothing. Obviously if you want a specific colour then you would probably have to buy it new but always check the charity shops first!

I didn’t want the look to be all black so to add in some colour I paired it with my camouflage jumper, which has a loose fit like the trousers, as well as my amazing vintage denim boots. This look could work for day or night but I decided to pair it with a choker and fedora for more of a casual day look. It’s so easy to create on trend looks just using what you already have which will save you money and save your wardrobe.

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