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We all have items in our wardrobes that go together seamlessly. Almost as if each piece was made for the other regardless of when and where you bought each one.  This bright little jumper/trousers combo is that for me.

I copped this simple oversized orange jumper at a car boot sale over a year ago and have worn it excessively since. The Cord trousers were slightly more recent but have received a similar amount of wear as they’re pretty versatile due to the colour. I didn’t pair these straight away as my first thought was that it would clash as one is technically orange and the other red. How wrong was I? As soon as I put them together I realised the colours were a lot closer than originally expected and they melt together beautifully. This is now one of my favourite go to looks for everything and anything and I’m so annoyed at myself for not figuring this out sooner because I adore it.

Even if you don’t like going against fashion norms I would highly recommend just trying two pieces you love on TOGETHER because it may create a whole look you can’t help but wear. If those pieces don’t work just try another two that you’ve told yourself can’t work as a pair as you may just be surprised.

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