Life Is Strange

Am I right? It’s messy and unpredictable most of the time and after a whirlwind start to 2019 I am coming to accept that more. I have decided to stop feeling guilty for not posting on social media or on here and started to focus on just being here for a minute and not giving myself deadline after deadline. So after what feels like a lifetime, I feel ready to start again because at the end of the day this is something I do enjoy. First and foremost I had my hair chopped off because… well why not. This has made a difference to my styling as I’ve needed time to play and get comfortable with it and that has mean’t no outfit posts until now.

I’m back at it. This time with a pixie cut.

There’s certain things that will never change in my styling habits such as layering and mixing colour but some things I’m trying out for example; blue jeans. I would never usually go for normal blue jeans and certainly not this typical jean colour but I am growing to them the more I wear them. Of course I picked these up at a charity shop but when your not certain about an item of clothing it’s always best to try it out for a cheap price. The legs were a tiny bit long when I first got them so I debated cutting them however I am really enjoying these super over sized turn ups. I think it breaks up the normality of the jeans and I like that. Only one piece of this look isn’t second hand and that’s my trusty faux leather jacket that I’ve had for years, the rest is thrifted as usual. Regardless of my break I am still following the same rules as before so no new clothing and that won’t change whether I’m posting or not.

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