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Being sustainable and acutely purchase aware is all well and good however three years on and some items, that are a NECESSITY in my wardrobe, still stump me. I am of course talking about underwear. Buying underwear second hand is just not an option for me and I’m not even sure many places will sell it unless it classes as nightwear. In many cases when I was in need I had to purchase from the high street which irritated me but no matter how much I looked into the ethical versions they ended up be bulky or just plain unflattering. By pure chance a company called Organic Basics contacted me and wanted me to try some of their pieces out. This company was a god send for me, they are of course organic but also ethical and 100% environmentally aware which is amazing!

I picked some pieces to try and I tell you, I have never been comfier in my underwear.

I ended up trying out their thong style pants, because that’s what I wear the most, and I also tried out their vest top. Not only did I sort the underwear problem but I also got some new bamboo toothbrushes as mines pretty worn out. You know two birds and all that.

I wouldn’t usually buy nude clothing because I’m so pale it washes me out but I don’t own a nude vest and it’s great for under sheer shirts or just lounging around. The material that they use is mostly recycled so my thongs, even though they are small, are made from 82% recycled nylon and 18% elastane which is incredible and they are immensely comfortable. I am so happy with this company, everything from their transparent supply chain to how they package everything in recyclable materials is exactly what I want when I’m looking to buy from a ethical and sustainable brand. I will definitely be expanding my collection. If you’d also like to give them a go (trust me, you won’t regret it) check out my Instagram for a cheeky discount code to get you started! @wornoncebefore

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