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For years growing up I was aware of the disgust and shame surrounding re-wearing the same outfit. I understood it when I was heavily into fast fashion as the trends came and went so quickly, especially when studying a Fashion course through college, it was a unspoken rule to not wear something that was “off trend” so to say. However as I’ve got older, and gone out for evenings with friends, I’ve noticed it is the exactly the same with friends being mortified at the thought of wearing the same outfit and being seen re-wearing it. I managed to dodge this feeling of ill will towards outfit replaying quite early on (pretty much as soon as I left college) and was able to see and appreciate pieces for what they brought to an outfit and the versatility of each piece. This enabled me to not only thoroughly enjoy my wardrobe but also keep hold of items a lot longer which doesn’t happen often when you feel as if you can’t wear a piece too many times. As you will see I thought I’d proudly share a few of my most worn items and give you a bit of background on each.

These trousers. I have had so many compliments on these beauties and even now after many a wear they still get noticed. As you can see they have been in my collection for over 3 years. I purchased a co-ord from Depop which comprised of these trousers and a matching jumper, which I also wear very regularly. Luckily I am the sort of person who doesn’t fluctuate in size (which I am aware is a blessing) so they still fit perfectly and because I love them I look after them which means they are still in perfect condition so there’s tons of life left in them. I find I mostly pair them with green tones but I’m more than happy with that combination and you know what they say, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Another Depop purchase as I think 2015 was the year I discovered the app. This was a little page that sold handmade lingerie and I’d loved a lot they put up but this one was the one that made me finally buy from her. This piece isn’t necessarily worn as much as it’s quite decorative rather than practical so I’ll often wear it under semi sheer pieces so it’s still appreciated but not on show all the time. It’s also just a really beautiful design with a super wide mesh section and it also has two ways you can wear it so it’s fun to wear as well. 5 years is a long time for this kind of fine mesh to hold up, especially considering it’s under pressure, so a few stitches here and there have been done but I want to keep it because I love it so I’m more than happy to give it some TLC every now and again.

Oh the wears I’ve got out of this jumper, and still get, are insane. I’d go out on a whim and say this is the most worn second hand item in my wardrobe. I bought it at a car boot sale from a lovely lady who only charged me 50p!! When I think about how much love I have for this jumper I really wish I could thank her now. Its light enough to wear on a British Summer’s day but also tight fitting enough to layer up with in the Winter. It’s easy to work into most looks but also bold enough to be the statement piece in an outfit. Most importantly the joy this jumper brings me is immeasurable and at the end of the day that’s all it comes down to. I know I will have this for years to come and will have no problem wearing it again and again like I have been for over 3 years.

I hope me proudly re-wearing my pieces will encourage you to start or keep re-wearing yours. It’s no bad thing to show how much joy an item brings you by wearing it all the time. Even it’s just because that piece is super comfy, keep wearing it! We all strive to be happy and if wearing a particular piece does that for you I certainly wouldn’t judge or put a person down for that!!

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